Guess Who's Back?

The thing is... I'm back i really don't know if I'm staying or if this is another one of my chances that after a few days coming home late and tired from work end up killing the blog again...
but for now feels good to be back because finally I'm starting to feel like home in London...

After 10 months in London, after all the changes, after my portuguese computer dyed (from now on I'm so sorry but the blog will be in English the computer is English and without the right keyboard i would be assassinating my mother language and that i refuse!), after I got promoted at work, muahahahahhah, I'm now a Deputy Manager at Zara Home, after all the downs of this "tryingtosurviveallofthisnewthings", I'm back!
I want to make more videos for you guys, I want to start with a London Guide for Spectacular Girls, I WANT and for me that's the important part of it!
I have a lot of things to share, a lot of new ideas, a lot of new in's, a lot of a lot!
Pardon My French but...



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